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Calling all Ravenswood ex-pupils

Are you an ex pupil?

Can you help us with raising aspiration at Ravenswood?

This year, we have been talking a lot with the pupils about what they want to be when they grow up and how their learning at Ravenswood can support these ambitions. What we have found is that pupils want to do jobs that their parents do or jobs that are very visible in their world, such as being a teacher or a doctor. We would like to help them to start to understand that there are many different jobs available to them and to start to see links between these jobs in the real world and what we are teaching. We hope that this will make their learning more relevant and start to build their aspirations.

We would like to try to use our ex-pupils to help us do this. If you are an ex-pupil, or you know someone who is, can I ask you to help us get started? I would need the following information in an email to either my address or the school Admin address. We won’t be pestering you to come in to school or talk to pupils, although if you would like to do this, we certainly wouldn’t turn you away! The whole idea is for us to be able to say to our current pupils, “Look at what you could do.” All jobs are of interest to us and the memories of Ravenswood will help to make it real for the children.

  • Your name
  • The years you attended Ravenswood
  • What you are doing now, or the different jobs you have done
  • A photo of you at work
  • Your favourite memories of Ravenswood as a pupil
  • Permission to use the information on the website

There is a form attached here that you could use to give us this information.

You can email it to office@ravenswoodprimary.co.uk with Ravenswood Ex-Pupil as the subject.

Many thanks,