Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 11th March 2024

Thanks to everyone who came along to the parent consultations this week. The halls were packed and there were lots of happy faces. I hope you found the meeting useful.

Today (Friday 15th March) sees nominations close for parent governor applications. We have four nominations for three places, so there will be an election. I will get this organised in the next couple of days and the wheels of democracy will turn. Thanks to everyone who has offered to take on this important role.

It has been Science Week this week across the whole school and we have been finding out all about biscuits. We have attempted the same experiment in all classes, which was to find the best biscuit for dunking. Apologies if your child is now a dunker, but in my mind, it definitely improves most biscuits! Here are some photos of the science in action.



On Wednesday, the Masters students from Newcastle University were with us for their second and final visit. They really enjoyed spending time at Ravenswood and seeing how different school is here compared to their home country.

On Thursday, Mr Anderson was in school for his second full day visit. He spent a lot of time in the office this time, understanding the school budget. He also spent time finding out about how we timetable everything, talking about the curriculum and discussing how we manage our children with additional needs. He has asked if he can spend his next visit in May in the classrooms with the children, which will probably be nicer than talking about the budget!

Next Friday is this term’s In the Loop meeting. Julian Hughes will be attending the meeting to discuss how you can keep your children safe online. This is always an interesting session and one that I would recommend to all parents. I will also update you on what has been happening at Ravenswood.

Year 6 have had a busy assessment week, completing their final practice SAT tests. They have all worked very hard and their scores continue to improve. Well done to them all. Next week it’s everybody else’s turn when we do our termly tests from Year 1 to Year 5.

We have had two teams out playing football again this week and Ravenswood remained unbeaten in seven games. The Year 5/6 team continued their winning streak in the league on Tuesday evening with three wins and no goals scored against them. The new Year 3/4 team played in some cup matches on Thursday evening, winning two games and drawing two games. We are waiting to see if they will progress to the next round of this competition.

For those of you who were wondering about the Masked Reader answers, here they are.

EYFS and KS1

  • Penguin – Miss Skillen
  • Strawberry – Mrs Mason
  • Caterpillar – Mrs Murphy
  • Koala – Miss Williams
  • Dinosaur – Mrs Collins
  • Dog – Mrs Gretton
  • Cat – Mrs Niel
  • Polar bear – Miss Cubbon
  • Broccoli – Miss Jackson
  • Cheese – Mrs Clark
  • Miss Piggy – Mr Maddison
  • Giraffe – Miss Wick
  • Duckling – Mrs Armstrong
  • Rabbit – Mrs Maddison


  • Hot dog – Mrs Wilson
  • Robot – Mr Clarke
  • Rabbit – Mrs Maddison
  • American man – Mr Gretton
  • American pancakes – Mr Miller
  • Alien dog – Mrs Hood
  • Underpants – Mr Chapman
  • Lemon – Mr Jamieson
  • Cereal – Mrs Shiel
  • Princess Fiona – Miss Morpeth
  • Miss Piggy – Mr Maddison
  • Frog – Miss Sharpe
  • Strawberry – Mrs Mason
  • Ostrich – Mrs Easton

Finally, can I remind you that we break up on Thursday 28th March for Easter, which is arriving very quickly.