Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 11th October 2021

 First of all, a huge thankyou to everyone who turned up for parent consultations this week. It was so good to see families in the building and I had lots of really positive comments about the meetings being face-to-face. The teachers all loved meeting you and being able to share their initial thoughts about your children.

As you can imagine, this has taken up the majority of the week at school, although we did have two running events that are well worth a mention.

On Tuesday, Mr Gretton took eight teams of six children to the city cross country competition. Each year group from Year 3 to Year 6 had a boys’ team and a girls’ team. The competition works by taking the position of each school’s top four runners, adding these together and the team with the lowest score wins. Everyone ran really well.


Here are the results.

  • Year 3 Boys - 3rd out of 18 schools
  • Year 3 Girls - due to illness, we only had three runners and therefore couldn’t score.
  • Year 4 Boys - 5th out of 16 schools
  • Year 4 Girls – 2nd out of 17 schools
  • Year 5 Boys – 12th out of 18 schools
  • Year 5 Girls – 13th out of 19 schools
  • Year 6 Boys – 14th out of 18 schools
  • Year 6 Girls – 5th out of 18 schools

Also this week, Mr Clarke restarted the Friday morning Running Club. This was a club that Mrs Clougher used to organise and I am delighted that it has got going again. It is aimed at Year 5 and 6 pupils as they run the streets of Heaton while most of us are still having breakfast!

Lots of clubs are getting going in Key Stage 2 at the moment. We do rely on the children to volunteer for these and to listen carefully in assembly to find out when and where they are happening.

I am currently updating the list of clubs on the school website under the Parents tab. This should be live by the time you read this.

Finally, you should have received an email from me with a link to vote for a new parent governor. We rely on our governors so much to help us organise and run a good school for everyone and so I would encourage you to use your vote. Thanks to the four parents who are standing. I will let you know who has joined the Governing Body next week.