Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 13th May 2024

This has been the week that all of Year 6 have been looking forward to all year – SATs Week! The children have been fantastic throughout the week. They have been on time and raring to go and have clearly tried their very best. They can now relax a little and have a great final half term at Ravenswood. I am not allowed to share any of the questions with you yet, as the test period for absent pupils doesn’t finish until 23rd May, but I will show you some of the more challenging questions in next week’s blog. Suffice to say that nearly all of the papers were very fair this year, apart from a rather tricky maths paper 2, where some straight forward maths was hidden in some complicated wording. Well done to all of the children and thanks to all of the staff who prepared them so well.

While Year 6 have been working their socks off, there has been time for some other excitement in school this week.

Nursery received their Duck eggs on Monday and four of the five have now hatched into lovely little ducklings. We are relying on the Nursery children to be excellent mummy and daddy ducks and help them to grow well.


Our Reception children have been looking after caterpillars and observing them change into butterflies. Class 1 received their caterpillars slightly earlier than the other two classes, so this week we have seen a caterpillar turn into a chrysalis and a chrysalis hatch into a butterfly. The children are again, being very gentle with these beautiful animals.


There was also a Welcome Wednesday for parents in Reception. Thanks to everyone who came along.

On Tuesday, Year 3 had a visit from Julian Hughes, our computing support teacher. They had a great session with him, programming Crumbles, which are small drivable roamers. They worked hard and were all very successful, as you can see.

Please remember that the school is closed for a training day on Friday 24th May. All of the teachers from the Ouseburn Learning Trust will be meeting together at the Hancock Museum to complete a year’s worth of training on disciplinary knowledge in the primary school. We are then closed for Spring Half Term and return to school on Monday 3rd June.