Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 20th May 2024

I hope everyone remembered that we were off on Friday. Next week is half term and we return to school on Monday 3rd June.

It has been a short and busy week this week. The week after SATs is always full of meetings that have been postponed due to the tests, so I feel that I have simply moved from one meeting to another. It was good to get back into class on Thursday for a break.

After a lovely week of weather, the summer has left us (hopefully temporarily) and I’m afraid several sports events, including a cricket and a football match had to be cancelled. We even had a wet playtime and lunchtime on Wednesday, which is very unusual.

Our ducklings have left Nursery. The children weighed them with multilink blocks when they arrived and they weighed 11 blocks. After being very well looked after, they left us weighing 34 blocks and having had swimming lessons. I am sure that they will return to the farm and grow up to be amazing ducks.


I promised to share an example of the Year 6 test questions. The test period is now finished and so I am able to do this.

Here is a tricky Grammar paper question.


And here is a maths question for you to have a go at.