Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 2nd October 2023

After a blogless week last week, it’s now back to normal.

Last week, I spent the week in Borrowdale with Year 6. It was as fabulous as usual. The children threw themselves in to every activity and enjoyed the experience of staying in a Youth Hostel with real Youth Hostelers! We had some lovely comments about the children from the hostel staff, hostelers and tourists that we met on our travels up and down the dale. The mountain leaders, Chris, Cam, Luke and Steve were amazing and in the true Ravenswood fashion, built quick and positive relationships with the children. You know how passionate I am about outdoor education and this was another week where children were able to test themselves in a completely new environment.


While I was away, we had a little lump of COVID amongst the staff, so the healthiest place was definitely clambering up a ghyll in Borrowdale. Firmly touching wood as I type that I hope that this is now through the building.

It has been a busy sporting week with children out at the Schools 500 Games on Tuesday and Thursday. Sadly, the teams who were supposed to be out on Wednesday were cancelled by a lack of transport, which was very disappointing for them and a logistical nightmare for us. We will find something for these children to take part in as soon as possible. Congratulations to all of the children who took part and to the staff who organised the teams.



The girls' football team also played in a tightly fought match against West Jesmond on Tuesday evening, losing by one goal. Well done to the whole squad.

I have been locked away in the office again this week (it’s what I deserve after a week away!) doing staff appraisals. This might sound like a dull week, but it is great to have some dedicated time to catch up with staff and celebrate a fantastic year’s work. We really do have a great teaching staff who are fully committed to the progress of your children. More appraisals to look forward to next week.

You will be able to meet them very soon at our parent consultations. These start on 16th October and most of them are taking place on Monday and Tuesday. You can book your place using the app, but be quick as spaces are filling up. Next week we have Book Looks which the office has sent information out about. Apologies for the last minute switch of year groups. This was due to a Year 5 trip to Jarrow Hall which we have managed to book. As the letter said, there isn’t a lot of work in the books at this stage, but it may be worth seeing these before the parents’ meeting.

Year 2 had a great trip to Newcastle Quayside on Wednesday to talk about our city and do some geography fieldwork looking at the human impact on this area. They had a lovely time and had fun being geographers.

Thanks to all of the families from Reception who came along to our Harvest Festival on Monday. We hope it was a good insight to our Reception classrooms. I know that the children loved having you there.