Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 6th May 2024

I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday on Monday.

It’s good to be back in school this week, although I think lots of people are finding that this bug seems to be reluctant to leave very quickly.

Exam season is upon us, as we can all tell by the weather! GCSEs and A levels got going this week and next week is our Year 6 SATs week. The children are all raring to go and very much looking forward to Thursday at 10:30am when it will all be over. We feel that we get the balance about right between preparation for the tests and making sure that the children are not worried about them. As I always say, these tests have almost no impact on the children themselves. We have already sent our teacher assessments for the children on to the local authority, who then pass these on to their allocated secondary schools. These assessments will help the secondary schools create their form groups for next year and then all of our secondary schools will assess the pupils quite early in Year 7. The biggest impact of the tests is on us as a school, as the government still insist on judging schools based on these one-off tests. But don’t get me started on that!

This year, there are no official Key Stage 1 tests, which is a delight.

Mr Anderson joined us on Thursday and managed to visit every class in one day, which is quite an achievement. He had written to each class before the visit and they had written back to him. He shared some of his thoughts, answered some questions and played some songs on his guitar. It turns out that he is an accomplished juggler, which impressed the children and will be a useful skill juggling all of the demands on a headteacher these days. He is very much looking forward to joining the school in September.

Year 3 completed their two weeks of swimming lessons today. They have had great fun and made good progress. The issue with intensive sessions is that they now need to keep swimming to be able to develop their skills. Please keep your eyes open for regular offers on lessons and general admittance from Byker Pool.