Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 6th September 2021

Welcome back to a new academic year and the weekly blog. I hope you all had a good summer break. I know that it wasn’t quite “normal”, but I hope it was still enjoyable.

It is fantastic to be back and to be visiting classes with children sitting in table groups. It makes such a difference to the way we teach. We are planning the term to be back to how things were before the pandemic, with trips, residentials and Christmas activities all in the diary. Let’s hope that all of this goes as planned and we don’t have any more interruptions.

We have tried to keep all of the good things that were introduced during COVID that keep us safe. We will be doing lots of handwashing and will maintain our additional cleaning. This will hopefully help with keeping coughs and sneezes down, as well as protecting us from the virus. Thanks to everyone for picking up and dropping off quickly. Can I remind you that if anyone in your family shows COVID symptoms then the whole family must isolate while PCR tests are taken. Once a negative result is received you can go back to life as normal. If a positive result is received, you will need to follow Public Health England advice from Track and Trace.

On Monday’s training day, all staff went through safeguarding updates and expectations for the new year. It was a very useful day. Please note that there is another training day this year on Friday 1st October. This is for some training from an external company on phonics and spelling. Apologies that we couldn’t get this to link to a holiday week, which I know many families find useful.

There is still no news about the Safe Streets campaign. I am trying to find out when this might start. For now, can I ask everyone to drive and park responsibly and not to use the back lane beside the school, if at all possible?

The families that walk through the KS2 yard will have noticed a new part of the building that has appeared over the summer. This is going to be an outdoor PE store to keep all of the equipment that we use on the MUGA. It is nearly complete and should be in use very soon.