Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 7th March 2022

Last Friday, after Music Club, I was seeing the children off when three gentlemen approached me to ask if they could take a photograph with the school sign. It turned out that Keith Goddard, pictured below, was one of the first pupils to attend Ravenswood School when it opened in 1953. He had been at Chillingham Road School and moved to the brand new school when he was 6 years old. I was delighted to meet him and his nephews and brought them inside for a look around. Keith remembered the hall floors, the cloakroom pegs and the “Newcastle Apparatus” which we still use today for gym lessons. We went into some classrooms and saw one of the original blackboards. He shared stories of using a slate and chalk when he first came and being very excited when pencils were introduced. He also remembered the Headteacher, Mrs Heckles, who was very strict and even had a cane! It was great to meet him and got us thinking about next year, which will be the 70th Anniversary of the school opening. It would be lovely to have a big event where we can welcome back pupils from across the years and hopefully see Keith again. Watch this space.


The Reception classes have been venturing out in the lovely spring weather to find out about different environments with a trip to Jesmond Dene. They had a long walk and looked very tired as they staggered past my room on their return! We are so lucky to have the dene on our doorstep and use it across the school to look at environments, plants and animals, the history of Lord Armstrong in Victorian times and the history and life of the Ouseburn. We should never take this green space for granted and should always remember Lord Armstrong’s generosity in giving this to our great city.



Nursery had a visit from two huge, and very cuddly dogs, this week. Thanks to Miss Williams relations for bringing Dixie and Bob in. The children loved meeting them.


Friday’s assemblies saw the start of Science Week, which continues in classrooms all next week. We were very lucky to have Sirio Orozco-Fuentes, one of Northumbria University’s Science Ambassadors, to talk to us about  growth and stem cells. Next week, each class will be doing some additional science lessons all about a “Mission to Mars” and there might even be some science homework for families to get involved with. Thanks to Mr Clarke for organising all of this.

On Friday afternoon, the parent evening sign-up link will go live. I know how quickly these places fill up, so do please login and get your slot. As you will see, we have given 5 minute slots again, but there are ten minutes between each booking. We know that this meeting may be slightly longer than the October meeting, but we still want to do our very best to stick to the allocated times. The end of the meeting might therefore feel a little abrupt. We aren’t being rude, simply wanting to stay on time. You can help us enormously by being on time for your meeting. If you do need more time, then please arrange a phone call or further catch-up with your child’s teacher. If you are still nervous about coming into school, then we can arrange a phone meeting instead. Many thanks in advance for your understanding.

You will have also received an invitation to Book Look next week. In the past these have been very popular and the classrooms have been a bit of a “squash and a squeeze”! We are going to try using the dining halls for additional space, so I hope you can come along.