Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 9th May 2022

I am always proud to be headteacher of Ravenswood Primary School but this week I am feeling prouder than usual.

I am proud of Year 6. Our wonderful Year 6 pupils have been doing their national SATs tests this week and they have been brilliant. They have all arrived on time, well fed, well rested and raring to go. They have focused incredibly hard on all of their papers and worked hard in the afternoons to prepare for the next day’s SAT. They have been really supportive of each other and have taken everything in their stride. This year we had a monitoring visit from one of the local authority officers. She stayed with us all morning watching the whole process, from opening the tests to bagging them up to be sent off for marking. She also visited all of the test rooms and watched how the tests were administered. This happens in all schools about once every five years. She was very happy with the process, but incredibly impressed with the children and how relaxed and ready they all were. We always think that this is the case, but it is nice to hear this from someone who visits lots of schools.

I am proud of the teachers. Obviously, our amazing Year 6 staff have worked very hard to make sure the children were ready for the tests. I was privileged to do the tests with one pupil and I was blown away by the way he approached the questions and reasoned his way to his answers. This test technique is something that is specifically taught in Year 6, but these children have had fantastic teaching from all of the teachers throughout the school, who are all committed to getting the very best out of each and every child.

I am proud of Year 1. On Thursday, Year 1 went to Beamish to find out about life in the past. They arrived back at 4:45, after a very busy and exciting day. They were keen to tell me about the mines and the school house, but also keen to get home, as I think the trip had tired them all out. The teachers tell me that their behaviour was impeccable and that they received lots of lovely comments from people having a day out at Beamish. Thanks to all of the staff and helpers who made this trip possible.

I am proud of our Year 5 scientists. I took eleven of our Year 5 girls who have shown a particular interest in science, to Newcastle University for another of the “Science is my Superpower” days. This visit was in the engineering department and we met lots of female engineers who talked to the children about their subject and then did some activities to demonstrate these. They met civil, electrical, mechanical, biomedical, marine and geospatial engineers. It was another great event.

And finally, I am proud of our families. We have had 316 responses to the parent questionnaire, which is amazing. Thanks to everyone who has sent in a response. I will be closing the questionnaire on Monday, so there is still time if you would like to send your thoughts. I will let everyone know about the results in the “In the Loop” meeting in June.